The terrible twos….plus 15 months

Before I begin, I’d just like to put it out there that I say everything with light-hearted sarcasm, and love all of my children equally and unconditionally. Yes they do test my patience and my sanity daily ( and can be little a-holes at times), but I wouldn’t change them for the world!                                                                                          

  So, with that little disclaimer out of the way – where to start?


My daughter Penelope was born in October 2015 after a rather fast and intense labour (much like her personality). And pretty much from the day we brought her home, she made sure that we all knew she was there! She really is the princess of the family, who knows what she wants, and how to get it one way or another….I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or not.                                                                                                                     Even though she can be a handful at times ( a lot of the time), she makes me laugh, like proper belly laugh every day with the things she says and does.

  penny lipstick    penny painting


From even before she could walk she’s been creating chaos and destruction, wherever she’s been. Poor Beau didn’t stand a chance of the peaceful, organised life he so badly craves. (Thankfully we had all the children close together so he doesn’t really know any different).


I just don’t know how she does it! Even if there is nothing really there for her to destroy or break, she will find something – Penny is like the perfect mixture of Curious George and a bulldozer. All that being said she is a massive people pleaser too. If she has done something naughty, and has had a row, she will alway ask – “you still my best friend?”, through teary eyes. It just breaks my heart and then I can’t stay mad at her. She knows what she’s doing, I know what she’s doing – and I can only apologise to any future boyfriends – because they dont stand a chance with this little drama queen!


Penny is definitely the ring leader, and instigator out of the girls, and has now roped Alice into her “We don’t give a shit” club. Literally ZERO shits! Before she’s even done it, I can tell what she’s thinking. She’ll be stood there, drink in hand, looking at the floor. I’ll go “Penelope”, in my sternest voice. She’ll look at me, pour the drink on the floor and then run off laughing behind the curtain! Alice right behind her, like a little sidekick. I’m so grateful my neighbours just pretend like they can’t hear me, as I’m fully losing my shit, like a banshee!

Penelope has recently started nursery (all day nursery!!) Monday to Friday 9am to 3.15 pm!!! I think we have both been waiting for this moment for sooo long. It sounds awful to say, but I’ve almost been wishing my life away for this new chapter of her life. And that’s not because I couldn’t wait to get rid of her, or that Penny is my least favourite child – I’ve always said my favourite is which ever child is behaving the most on the day! But I just don’t think my brain had the mental space to deal with anymore bickering and whining from the girls. They needed a break from each other as much as I did.


The first few weeks of school, there were only a few minor hiccups, mainly with Penny discovering the sensor taps in the toilets –  que soaking wet child, coming home in the schools spare clothes every day. Now she’s a few weeks in, she’s started to get a feel for the place and is getting quite comfortable in her new surroundings. So today I picked her up, and was pulled to the side to be told that she took her shoes and socks off, painted her own feet and stomped some Penny sized footprints all over the whiteboards. I did have a little giggle when they told me. I was just relieved that she didn’t paint another child or opened up a little hairdressing shop in the classroom – I’m just waiting for the day….it will come I’m sure.                                                                                                                  Penelope already warned me this morning, that she wouldn’t be good, or a have a good day, after she’d had one of the biggest rows she’s ever had, before school, because she decided to spray nit deterrent spray directly into Beau’s eyes – “just because”.


 I can no longer blame the “terrible twos” anymore – I’ve come to realise that this is just Penny. She’s an inquisitive little firecracker, who is one of the brightest (and sneakiest) three year olds, that I have ever met. Yes, she can be a little madame at times, and it sometimes feels like your ears are going to fall off, because she doesn’t stop talking EVER!! But she’s also the most loyal sister to her siblings, and wants to befriend everyone she meets.                      


Penelope has the most fierce determination, and I know that as she grows, she will continue to adapt and find ways to move mountains in order to reach her goals.

For now, I just have to figure out how to be the best parent I can be to this beautiful, scrappy little babe, without extinguishing the fire she holds deep in her belly for the joys and wonders of life.

                                                                    Becky xxx


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